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Being in a car accident is one of life’s most stressful experiences. Suddenly, you are injured, facing uncertain medical care, your vehicle may be broken or totaled, you will have these new expenses to contend with, your life has been disrupted, and your working capacity may be temporarily halted or even destroyed. You will want to take the right steps to right these wrongs when the other party engaged in negligent behavior.

At Gary Huntsman Law, we believe you should focus on your recovery and putting your life back together while we do all the legwork and take care of the legalities in making your injury claim. Besides, the other party and/or their insurers will respond in a more positive manner when they know you have a highly-successful and proven law firm on your side. They will be more willing to negotiate a fair and just settlement on a well-prepared claim backed by a proven legal professional.

Our attorney has a 35+ year history of fighting for optimum compensation in car accidents and other personal injury claims in Las Vegas. We know the pitfalls as well as how to use our skills and knowledge in rigorously investigating your claim, thoroughly preparing your case, and aggressively negotiating with the opposing parties. Don’t let insurers take advantage of you when you are hurt and trying to recover.

At our firm, you will always receive the time and attention your case needs in seeking the best possible results. Our attention to detail as well as personalized attention to you as a client is the foundation of our practice and the basis of our ongoing success.

Car Accident Claims in Nevada

Under personal injury law, you deserve to be fully compensated for both the economic and non-economic damages and losses you have sustained in a negligence-based auto accident. Economic damages stem from your medical expenses, including rehabilitative therapies, and future predicted medical needs, as well as your lost wages or income, property damage to your car, and any other costs associated with the accident. Non-economic damages are for what you have suffered that does not come with a set price tag, such as your pain and suffering and emotional distress.

These damages can be sought in accidents where another party engaged in negligent or wrongful behavior that led to your injuries.

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Understanding car accident claims

Claims can stem from accidents caused by:

  • Drivers violating traffic laws, such as running red lights, speeding, tailgating, failing to yield, and more
  • Drivers texting while driving or engaging in other distracted driving behaviors
  • Drunk and/or drugged drivers
  • Drowsy drivers
  • Inattentive drivers
  • Reckless drivers
  • Defective vehicles

In the wake of such an accident, you should not have to fight insurance companies for the compensation you truly deserve. They may offer you a quick settlement that is far below what your claim is worth or engage in other tactics used to protect themselves at your expense. Don’t let insurers take advantage of you in this way. Protect your right to full and fair compensation with our thorough and tenacious representation.

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