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Motions are written requests made to the court asking the judge to intervene in some matter and make a ruling. These can be requests for temporary orders, to change current orders, or enforce current orders. You generally must present your case to the judge to support your motion request. Furthermore, a motion may result in an opposing motion from the other party in the matter. These matters can involve various issues in family law, such as those pertaining to children, financial support, and more.

At Gary Huntsman Law, we can represent you in making or opposing motions to the family court. With well over three decades of professional experience in this field, Attorney Huntsman is well-versed in Nevada family law, court procedure, and how to prepare and present motions as well as advocate on your behalf in the proceedings they create. Whether your case involves a divorce, a custody matter, or some other aspect of family law, you will have a proven and trusted professional on your side.

Family Law Motions in Nevada

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Family law motions can be related to various issues. They might include requesting changes to existing orders or seeking information from another party. They can also be used to set deadlines or ask for specific relief, such as reimbursement of costs.

Typical examples of family law motions can include:

  • Motion to modify child support;
  • Motion to set a temporary child custody order;
  • Motion to modify alimony;
  • Motion to terminate alimony;
  • Motion to move out of state with a child as a divorced co-parent;
  • Motion to establish paternity;
  • Motion seeking temporary right of property possession and use;
  • Motion to enforce and/or show cause regarding contempt;
  • Motions seeking debt payment orders;
  • Emergency motion to enforce visitation and/or custody;
  • Motion to set aside a default, decree, or other order.

Why Gary Huntsman Law?

Family motions may need to be filed when an issue is in dispute between parties who are going through a divorce or in a post-divorce matter. The motion allows the judge to review the situation and render a decision. 

At Gary Huntsman Law, we can prepare and file your family law motion or your objection to a motion and represent you in court. Put our extensive experience and dedicated advocacy on your side in seeking answers for critical issues impacting your life.  

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