What should you do if you are thinking of getting a divorce?

The answer depends on many factors. Are there children involved? What are their ages? Is the divorce going to be contested (Do you expect a fight from the other party or can your case be settled by sitting down with a third party mediator to work through the issues)?

Other factors might include the amount of property you may have disputes about, how much money you can budget for attorneys, and your personality. Do you like to fight? Some people do. Some don’t.

Because there are so many variables, it is good to get some basic information. The Internet has a wealth of good information, but there is also a lot of misleading and confusing information. It is important to make sure the statutes and case law you are reading about on the Internet actually pertain to your state. What is true in one state is not necessarily true in another.

Many good people have been through this before you. Talk to your friends, a counselor, or religious leaders,. But, be cautious. Remember that no two cases are exactly alike. An opinion is not a fact, but it does give you some information about what you might expect as you go through a divorce.

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