How much does a divorce cost?

It depends on a number of factors. If a divorce is contested (there are issues of disagreement between the parties), it is likely to cost much more than an uncontested divorce (where the parties agree on everything and just want to be divorced).

Attorney’s fees also vary from attorney to attorney, as all do not charge the same hourly rate. Also many attorneys now offer fixed fees in which the client is not billed hourly at all.

Hourly rates when charged vary between $150 to $500 per hour, but it is fair to say that on average, most attorneys charge between $250 and $300 per hour.

Also, as mentioned, attorneys will often offer fixed rates. A fixed rate is where the attorney agrees to do your case for an exact amount that is not billed by the hour. Fixed rates too vary from attorney to attorney, so it is not possible to give a blanket statement as to what a fixed rate would be.

As to my office, I give every potential client a free consultation so that I can determine the simplicity or complexity of the case, what the issues may be, the financial situation of the parties, etc. Following the free consultation, the client is then given payment options and may choose between hourly rates, flat rates, payment plans, and the like.

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